Foxy Angles

The Problem

This project involved the collaboration of Bill Bryan Kia and Pinnacle Creative Group, both long-time friends and clients of Odd!Life Studios. We were producing local ads for Bill Bryan Kia prior to this project under other creative direction, but when they asked us to pitch a new campaign for them, they had one goal in mind: simplify the message.

Assessing the Problem

Our first task was to create a slogan that was simple and memorable. We wanted JR to deliver a message that was bold and surprising for the people he would interact with in commercials. The megaphone acts as a mascot – something we could use consistently, and when coupled with the “Give Em More” slogan, we were able to imply their insistence to deliver one message loudly: that Bill Bryan Kia is out to offer the best deal possible in favor of their clients.

Our Approach

The basic format first introduces a broad theme to the viewer that would connect with the seasonal or dealership deal. If we wanted to offer a free car wash, then we suggested that Bill Bryan Kia goes beyond the sale, making them feel like part of your family. “Give Em More” then helps to build trust and allows us to deliver the sales pitch.

Client Feedback

Odd!Life Studios has been instrumental in helping us get our message across to prospective buyers in our market. With the onslaught of Corporate car dealerships entering our market, we challenged them to focus on our family owned culture. Customer feedback tells us that they nailed it.
Joe Rauner, General Manager at Bill Bryan Kia