Foxy Angles

The Problem

Internal videos should never be a bore. That was our belief when Cisco came to us wanting to expand their internal sales communication. These videos were apart of an initiative to explain the what, how, and why of new and updated services.

Assessing the Problem

We knew right away that it was important to give interviewees a proper introduction and context. This meant our team had to travel to different locations across the eastern United States. In the end, we got some beautiful footage of the cities that helped to better engage the audience.

Our Approach

By nature, these videos were information-heavy. In order to increase attention and retention, we developed some fun ideas to highlight key points throughout the videos, and created dynamic, animated slides to help build a logic that the audience can follow.

Of course, a good sales pitch needs a better case study. Throughout the video series, we interviewed sales leads with stories on troubled projects and the resolutions that lead to success, as well as client testimonials that delivered the greatest insight for client happiness.