We love the real, raw truth of life. It can be a little sloppy, uncoordinated, and accidental sometimes. But all stories have important narratives. Our goal is to excavate the stories of real people, to form relatable and motivational films. Let’s get real together.

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Broadcast ads are historic. The best have shaped the ethos of culture, and the worst….well you don’t remember them. Let’s be honest, most broadcast ads get ignored. How do you engage when viewers are checked out? Our solution: take advantage of the medium. TV ads are short, interruptive, and required. Give an audience a dose of unexpected. Make them laugh, make them feel. Let’s make ads that meet people where they are.

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The digital world is really big. There’s so much opportunity to dial in your individuality as a business and brand. Educate your audience, show them your product in a new way, meet them in their social feed, or just have fun. Let’s explore it together and find new ways to take your ideas from imagination to realty.

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Music isn’t just meant to be heard. It should be seen, felt, and experienced. Music is expressive, it moves and enhances what we see. When you share your music with an audience, you’re asking them to find a rhythm with you. Let’s move people together.

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Food is life, embedded in the culture and environment. It forms communities, strengthens bonds, and fills bellys. Recipes and skills are passed on through the generations. Food enriches the landscape and social fiber. Food should remind people of where they’ve been and point them to where they can go. Let’s make food that will inspire your audience.

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The Odd!Life Crew

Odd!Life Studios is a full-service Video Production company based in Central Florida. We help to develop, script, plan, shoot, and edit stories that engage audiences. Using immersive storytelling, we help make creative vision and video marketing initiatives a reality. Our motto is reel imaginative video because imagination is crucial in building engaging stories. The full power of our nerdy, A.D.D. brains goes into every concept, script, light placement, shot, and edit. If you’re open to slightly odd ideas, Odd!Life can help bring your ideas to life.

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