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It could be late at night, driving alone. Or break of dawn easing into the day. Working out, pushing your body, desperate for the will to keep going. Headphones are on, the level is up because music is Soul Food.

What else will stir you like that? To move your body and press on the dormant neurons waiting to catch a ride into a hungry idea. Music inspires. Audio cues pulsing through space from speakers to you. It doesn’t need more to do its job. But a little more, and you could be taken not on impulse, but on purpose through a journey into the imagination of artists.

Make the pictures work for you. Because a scene painted out and overlaid with familiar tracks of music should do something. It should be on-purpose, inspired, emotive, reminiscent, impulsive, hallucinating. A music video should express raw feelings. A concert should take you back to the show. Put it all out because music is too good on its own to make bad videos.

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Citizens “Imagination”

Though Citizen’s lyric video for “Everything and More” was released first, “Imagination” is actually where Odd!Life’s collaboration with Zach Bolen began. Our Director of Photography, Lief Thomason was selected as one of six directors to conceptualize a 30-second portion of this song that would then be edited together to create…

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Mammoth WVH

During the pandemic, our team got the opportunity to work with Wolfgang VanHalen on material for the release of Mammoth WVH’s first album. Some of those assets went on to broadcast outlets like Good Morning America. The song “Distance” is a tribute to his late father Eddie VanHalen. Our team…

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Citizens: Everything and More Lyric Video

When Zach Bolen reached out to us to collaborate on a lyric video for “Everything and More,” we started to dream about a lyric video that was fun, engaging and captured the heart of the song. When Zach flew down to Florida to work with us, we had a single…

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