Odd!Life Studios is a full-service Video Production company based in Central Florida. We help to develop, script, plan, shoot, and edit stories that engage audiences. Using immersive storytelling, we help make creative vision and video marketing initiatives a reality.

Our motto is reel imaginative video because imagination is crucial in building engaging stories. The full power of our nerdy, A.D.D. brains goes into every concept, script, light placement, shot, and edit. If you’re open to slightly odd ideas, Odd!Life can help bring your ideas to life.

Reel Imaginative Video.


Lief Thomason

Senior Storyteller, Director, Cinematographer

Lief is a filmmaker from central Florida and the owner of Odd!Life Studios.  He has worked as a director of photography on multiple award-winning short films, managed creative broadcast campaigns for Central Florida businesses, and directed multiple live streams for artists across the US.  His passion remains in the arts and technology, looking for unique ways to marry visual arts with other mediums to tell compelling, interactive stories.

Audra Thomason

Production Manager, Child Juggler

Audra Thomason is the co-owner (along with her husband, Lief Thomason) of Odd!Life Studios, a video production company specializing in music, documentary, and narrative filmmaking.  She got her start in concert and band photography while studying Interactive Media Technology in Gainesville, Florida.  She homeschools their three young girls while continuing to co-produce, shoot, and AD on a variety of projects, including multi-award-winning short films.

Kyle Marra

Producer, Writer, Assistant Director

Kyle Marra is a writer, director, and producer from Brooksville, Florida.  He started off as an actor with appearances in multiple independent films before transitioning to the stage where he honed his writing, directing, and producing skills. He is currently employed at Live Oak Theatre Company where he continues to utilize those skills.  Outside of his day job, he moonlights as a freelance writer/producer/AD with Odd!Life Studios, and other creative organizations.

Thomas McTague

Key Grip, Gaffer, Assistant Camera

Tommy McTague is a filmmaker from central Florida who has a passion for community filmmaking.  He takes pride in the central Florida community that bands together to create compelling stories.  With experience in Broadcast TV, Radio, and Film he brings a wide set of skills to the table varying from camera operating, gripping, and writing.  He has been able to work with Odd!Life Studios on a number of projects including Camera Operator for Wolfgang VanHalen’s Mammoth WVH Tonight Show performance in 2021.

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