Life, moving to hidden rhythms – the story unfolding as it’s lived. A hero, a villain, conflict. Reality becoming the epic, one day at a time.

All good stories begin with the ordinary, but images played out intentionally over real-life can pull at our imaginations and stir our souls to action. Get it wrong and you’ll dull the senses. You’ll turn a story into a chore. So what makes life extraordinary?

Stop selling and start connecting. Attention longs for connection – a story that will uplift, love, create, destroy, dement, invert. This isn’t artificial, and it’s not simple. Dig in, put in the work, replay and richly relive life. Give it everything, because life is full of potential.

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Camp Campo

A couple of years ago, our Cinematographer, Lief Thomason was brought in by producer, Michael Campo, to work on a documentary showcasing the negative effects of pesticides, and LandBack’s mission to create an alternative solution that is better for people and the environment. It was an eye-opening experience, to say…

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Kids Answer

Kids say the darndest things sometimes. Especially when you ask them questions like “Where do you think babies come from?” Odd!Life Studios and A New Generation sat down with a few kids to get their take on some of life’s mysteries. See how they responded here. ClientA New GenerationYear2020LocationBrooksvilleStyleDocumentary…

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