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Camp Campo

A couple of years ago, our Cinematographer, Lief Thomason was brought in by producer, Michael Campo, to work on a documentary showcasing the negative effects of pesticides, and LandBack’s mission to create an alternative solution that is better for people and the environment. It was an eye-opening experience, to say…

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Citizens “Imagination”

Though Citizen’s lyric video for “Everything and More” was released first, “Imagination” is actually where Odd!Life’s collaboration with Zach Bolen began. Our Director of Photography, Lief Thomason was selected as one of six directors to conceptualize a 30-second portion of this song that would then be edited together to create…

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Mammoth WVH

During the pandemic, our team got the opportunity to work with Wolfgang VanHalen on material for the release of Mammoth WVH’s first album. Some of those assets went on to broadcast outlets like Good Morning America. The song “Distance” is a tribute to his late father Eddie VanHalen. Our team…

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